Upshift Reviews and Testimonials

We love our Upshifters. Our Upshifters love us back. Here's what they are saying.

Upshifter of the Week: Shirley M.

"The ability to pick up shifts when and where you want allows you to try out a variety of options that fit with your schedule."

Upshifter of the Week: Kyashia C.

"I was really drawn to the fact that it was a W-2 job that allowed you to pick work around your schedule."

Upshifter of the Week: Julie S.

"There are so many opportunities on Upshift if you're ready to make the most of it!"

Upshifter of the Week: Melissa M.

"Most jobs require you to work a set schedule determined by the business but Upshift allowed me to choose when I wanted to work."

Upshifter of the Week: Indya W.

"The fact that I could change my schedule each week worked perfectly for me. I've only been working on Upshift since I signed up!"

Upshifter of the Week: Nathan P.

"Being able to pick when I work each week really appealed to me!"

Upshifter of the Week: Barbara F.

"Upshift allows you to work when and where you want to work which puts the control totally in your hands."

Upshifter of the Week: Tedarick S.

"I actually got an offer to be hired on directly by a business that I love working at and that is all because of Upshift!"

Upshifter of the Week: Kenyetta J.

"The flexibility that Upshift provides you is perfect for someone who loves to travel in their free time."

Upshifter of the Week: Tasha F.

"My course schedule was going to change every week and Upshift allowed me to work flexibility around that. It was the perfect fit for me!"

Upshifter of the Week: Jane G.

"Not only is it part-time but unlike other jobs, at Upshift I am able to pick my own schedule. I was also really excited when I found out that I could work concerts, Bengals games, and other cool…

Upshifter of the Week: Tonia A.

"I was looking for a job where I could pick when and where I wanted to work. I read up about Upshift and realized it was exactly what I was looking for."