Upshifter of the Month: Jacque G. and Ashley P.

We are proud to announce that our Upshifters of the Month for July are Jacque G. and Ashley P. Jacque has worked a variety of shifts across the platform from catering to events to warehouse work before ending up at Aero Fulfillment Mason with Ashley who has worked exclusively there. Both of them have received five stars on every shift, recognition from their managers and in the process have forged a great friendship. We visited Aero Mason to recognize Ashley P and Jacque G in front of their coworkers. After giving Ashley and Jacque their prizes (Visa Gift Cards and T-shirts!) we sat down with them to ask a few questions about themselves and how they use Upshift.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Jacque: I am a Special Education teacher by trade and going back to teaching next week. I’ll be substitute teaching so I still plan to use Upshift to fill the gaps where need be. I’m originally from Cincinnati and went to the University of Cincinnati so I think it’s great that something like Upshift started in our city!

Ashley: I recently moved here from Florida and have been loving Cincinnati and Ohio! I am a Multimedia Artist, Graphic Designer and film maker with photography being my main activity. (You can find Ashley’s website here, and follow her on Instagram (@sitramvisuals) and Facebook to see her art!) I worked as a Pharmacy Technician tech before and had never worked in warehouses before Upshift but it’s been a great opportunity for me to learn about the field and I really enjoy working at Aero.

How has it been working on Upshift?

Jacque: It has been exciting being part of a startup like Upshift and watching it grow, again because as a teacher there is nothing better. I worked in bars and restaurants for half of my working life, so Upshift gives me the opportunity to jump right back into that. And the places you work treat you great! And I have worked a lot at Aero, a fulfillment center this summer and I have learned so much. Being a teacher that is exciting for me, because my students may do this kind of work.

Ashley: I was honestly just very surprised that it existed. I came into my onboarding thinking it was for a regular job and was pleasantly surprised to figure out what Upshift is. I onboarded one day and the next day was already working my first shift.

What do you like most about Upshift?

Jacque: The the flexibility and the people. I can change up where I’m working at any time and only work when I want to and it fits my schedule. The people everywhere I worked have also been really friendly and I love Gaelen! ( Tri-State Upshift Community Manager)

Ashley: It’s been the opportunity to learn something new and jump into great shifts right away with no experience. To onboard on Monday and start working on Tuesday was awesome!

Like what Jacque and Ashley are Saying about us?

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