Upshifter of the Week: Javier S!

Upshift is thrilled to announce Javier S, from Cleveland, OH as our Upshifter of the Week. Since working with Upshift, Javier has impressively worked over 1200 hours across 155 different shifts, and received multiple 5-star reviews.Thank you for your dedication and hard work Javier! 

upshifter finds flexible temp job

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m 27, I was born & raised in Cleveland, Ohio and I went to school for business at Notre Dame College and also played football. My dream was to play pro ball and make big money to take care of my family, but just because that didn’t work out for me, I never gave up on the ideal of living that kind of lifestyle! Now I’m a millennial entrepreneur that wants the freedom to travel and explore the world, enjoy life and work when I want, but also have unlimited earning potential to be financially free and truly be my own boss and create opportunities for others! I have an online business dealing with new technology, energy, banking and insurance, as well as a restaurant cleaning company with my brother and trucking company with my Dad.

How has it been working on Upshift?

My experience with Upshift has been great! Being an entrepreneur & young business owner striving to build my brands and expand my companies, Upshift allows me to make extra money to invest in my businesses and take care of expenses throughout the year so it’s not as much of a challenge trying to build my dreams

What do you like most about Upshift?

I travel a lot for business and play semi pro football, so I like that Upshift gives me the flexibility to work as much as I want during slow times in my schedule or not work much at all when my schedule gets really busy. But what I really enjoy about Upshift the most, is that it allows me to move around and work for different great companies that I can learn from, pick up new skills, as well as meet and network with a lot of great resourceful people that work for these companies and that work with Upshift! You have all been a blessing, Thank you!

Like what Javier is saying about us?

With Upshift, you can find work across multiple part-time jobs across various industries like hospitality, warehousing and fulfillment, convention centers, casinos and many more.

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