Upshifter of the Week: Grace T!

We are proud to announce Grace T from Columbus as our Upshifter of the Week. She has worked over 1,600 hours with a 5-star rating!

upshifter finds flexible temp job

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I went to the University of Toledo and majored in biology. I moved to Columbus last year and that is when I found out about Upshift. I like to think of myself as an optimistic person who enjoys the company of their friends and family. I recently got involved in YouTube and I have been trying to build my platform as a YouTuber; where I post hair and beauty tutorials on my channel.

How has it been working on Upshift?

Upshift has been great! I have worked with a lot of awesome people that are always willing to help out. It’s nice being able to make plans as I please since I make my own schedule. Some of my favorite companies to work for have been Bosc + Brie, Moby Dick Unlimited, and OSU.

What do you like most about Upshift?

My favorite part about Upshift is definitely the flexibility. It’s nice to be on my own time and my own schedule and not have to report back to anyone. The companies I’ve worked for have been pleasant, understanding, organized, and offer good pay!

Like what Grace is saying about us?

If you are looking for flexible part-time gigs near your location, simply apply to be an Upshifter. With Upshift, you get to pick shifts based on your schedule, whether the weekends, mornings, or just evenings, it’s totally up to you.  

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