Upshifter of the Month

We are proud to announce that our Cincy Upshifter of the Month for September is Donna H. She has worked a variety of shifts through Upshift and has received rave reviews from every Upshift client she has worked for, including Aero Fulfillment and Cincinnati Country Club.

upshifter finds temp jobs

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m originally from South Carolina, but I’ve lived in the Cincinnati area for quite a few years now. I attended Wright State University for my Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training, and I now work full-time as a patient care technician. I stumbled upon Upshift while looking online for part-time work that could fill the gaps of my already busy schedule of having a full-time job, being a student, and also a mom of three kids. Although I mainly use Upshift as a supplement to my income, there have been times where I have used it more frequently while in between jobs, which has definitely helped me out a lot.

How has it been working on Upshift?

I began picking up shifts in March and I’ve been absolutely loving it so far. I have tried picking up a little bit of everything, ranging from warehouse work as a fulfillment specialist to serving and bartending at banquet centers. However, the majority of my shifts have been at Aero Fulfillment. Those were some of the first shifts I ever worked through the platform, and it’s quickly become one of my go-to places to work for. I’ve even worked at Aero as an On-Site Upshift Representative for a while, which was another great opportunity for me.

What do you like most about Upshift?

I would say the convenience and flexibility are the biggest things for me. Being able to choose my own schedule through Upshift on a day-to-day basis makes it so much easier than having to deal with the scheduling conflicts that may come with having a second or third job. With being a working mom, things can come up at any time—so that flexibility is really nice to have. Something I love the most about Upshift is that it can fit anybody’s needs. It can be used as just additional income, but it can also become full-time work whenever you need it.

Like what Donna is saying about us?

If you are looking for temporary part time gigs near your location, simply download the app and Apply to be an Upshifter. With Upshift, you get to pick shifts based on your schedule, whether the weekends, mornings or just evenings, it’s totally up to you.  

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upshifter works temp jobs

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