Upshifters of the Month

We are proud to announce that our Columbus Upshifter of the Month for June is Jada H! Jada is the mother of former Upshifter of the Month Parish H, and an employee of The Ohio State University who picks up shifts on Upshift on her days off. Read below to learn more about Jada!

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Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’ve worked at OSU for 19 years and have had many roles there. My current position involves a lot of multitasking between managing communications, calendars, our website, department events, etc. My son Parish convinced me to start working with Upshift and now all of my children and friend Karen use the platform. It’s been the most flexible and high paying second job I’ve ever had. I love working with my son on shifts – people call us the mother son duo!

How has it been working on Upshift?

It’s been a great experience and I like that it’s different from my desk job. Since I work a lot of catering shifts, it has helped me think of menu items and decor I can use for future events I put on in my department. I’ve even lost weight and gotten stronger with the set-up and break-down I do with some of my shifts. I also like the variety and that I can work on my own schedule. Since I have a lot of vacation time built up at OSU, I actually took a day off once and worked a banquet server shift for an event that day at the university. My son jokes that I should stop recommending Upshift to my friends and coworkers because they may get shifts that we want.

What do you like most about Upshift?

I’ve really enjoyed building relationships with other Upshifters, employees, and managers – especially with catering companies and businesses like Dock 580. Everyone quickly learns my first name and I know my hard work is valued and I feel appreciated. I also love that I learn something new with every shift that I work.

Like what Jada is saying about us?

With Upshift, you can find work across multiple part-time jobs in various industries like hospitality, warehousing and fulfillment, convention centers, casinos, and many more.

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