Upshift Reviews and Testimonials

We love our Upshifters. Our Uphifters love us back. Here's what they are saying.

Upshifter of the Week: Vanessa C

Vanessa is a student in Charlotte studying Business Administration. She has worked over 600 hours worth of shifts and loves how quickly our support team responds to her questions.

Upshifter of the Week: Andrea M

Andrea is a Columbus native with an extensive background in the hospitality and light industrial sectors. One of her favorite things about Upshift is all the great people she's been able to work with.

Upshifter of the Week: Robert L

Robert has used Upshift to help him during the pandemic. He loves how convenient it is to be able to pick up shifts around his schedule.

Upshifter of the Week: Kim B

Kim is a Dallas native that swears by the flexible schedule that Upshift provides.

Upshifter of the Week: Patricia P

Patricia P was born and raised in the Steel City. She loves that Upshift allows her to choose when and where she works.

Upshifter of the Week: Javier S

Javier is an entrepreneur who uses Upshift to find part -time gigs in his free time. This flexible schedule allows him to run his companies, play football and still work shifts.

Upshifter of the Week: Karrisa M

Karissa M owns a seasonal business and uses Upshift to provide extra income during the slower months. She loves the variety of shifts and positions that Upshift offers.

Upshifter of the Week: Jim J

Jim is a sales and marketing veteran who enjoys picking up shifts in his free time. Upshift also allows him to meet new people which he really enjoys!

Upshifter of the Week: Ileana A

Ileana is a mother of 3 children and thinks that Upshift's flexible schedules are perfect for parents looking to make some extra money.

Upshifter of the Week: Tyrone C

Tyrone loves music and was excited to work shifts at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Tyrone just wishes he found Upshift sooner!

Upshifter of the Week: Lesly M

Lesly is one of our 5 star Upshifters from Houston. She loves how well Upshift handles schedules, payments and customer support questions.

Upshifter of the Week: Dannis C

Dannis joined Upshift after moving to Dallas from New York City. He loves being able to make his own schedule!

Upshifter of the Week: Leticia G

Leticia enjoys working at a variety of venues around town including Jack casino. She really appreciates all the wonderful Upshifters she has met and worked with.

Upshifter of the Week: Christopher V

Christopher has only positive things to say about Upshift's staff and clients. He really enjoys that Upshift allows him to make his own schedule.

Upshifter of the Week: Alex H

Alex loves how responsive the Upshift Customer Support team is when he has questions and feedback. This makes working for Upshift stress free and fun!

Upshifter of the Week: Stephanie O

Stephanie has been working with Upshift for 6 months and says "Upshift has set out to change the world, particularly when it comes to how people find jobs and employers make their hires."

Upshifter of the Week: Howard J.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I have a dual bachelor’s degree in health science/ biology from Cleveland State University...

Upshifter of the Month: Phil D.

There are three things - the flexibility, the people, and the variety. The flexibility and availability of work has allowed me to continue to work around...

Upshifter of the Month: Dianne I.

My name is Dianne I. I'm about a year away from retirement and I was looking for something flexible that wasn't full-time. I’ve had previous experience...

Upshifter of the Month: Sandy K!

Hi! My name is Sandy and I love the service industry.  My passion is to give great service to all who I encounter.  I just got married a year ago and am currently enjoying...

Upshifter of the Month: Chevonne A.

My name is Chevonne A, and I’m a outspoken and unique woman. I have two sons who are twelve and thirteen who keep me on my toes....

Nashville Upshifter of the Month: Austin F.

My name is Austin F and I work full time as an electrician, while working as an audio tech on the side. Both of these skill sets have helped me become...

Columbus Upshifter of the Month: Xander P.

My name is Xander P! My family is from El Salvador and growing up as a first generation American, I’ve always felt an inner drive to succeed and make...

Cincy Upshifter of the Month: Stephen B.

My name is Stephen B, and I joined Upshift in November 2018 and have been working through the platform ever since. I work full time as...

CLE Upshifter of the Month: Muhammad D

My name is Muhammad Davis, I love cooking, and people. I am a truck driver by profession but I’m a Jack of all trades...

Upshifter of the Month: Tyvon F

I am the oldest child out of 11 children. I work as hard as I can to provide for my family. Cooking has always been a passion of mine!...

Upshifter of the Month: Jay B

I live southeast of Columbus in Lancaster and found Upshift after getting unexpectedly laid off from the gas utility industry...

Upshifter of the Month: Tracy B

I started using Upshift in November of 2017. When my cousin who was already working on the platform told me about it, I thought it would