Mreeuh C.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am a full-time freelance artist, which means that I live from gig to gig with very high highs and very low lows. I am also the owner of Matter Botattica, an art gallery and tattoo studio located on Main Street in downtown Cincinnati. Aside from my business, Upshift has provided a lot of regularity and consistency to my life. I am used to working as a freelancer, so Upshift was the perfect opportunity for me to fill up any free time and make extra cash on the side. And it’s not just the pay that’s beneficial…it’s the experience, the networking, and the job skills that you acquire from working these shifts.

How has it been working on Upshift?

I only recently began working on Upshift but I have already completed a number of shifts including banquet serving at the Duke Energy and Northern Kentucky Convention Centers, dishwashing at the Hyatt, and housekeeping at the Marriott. I was a little anxious at first, but I found that the work just comes effortlessly once you get started. Once I completed my first shift, I felt confident to apply for more shifts in different lines of work. Overall, it’s been a great experience so far and I’m looking forward to the shifts I already have lined up over the next few weeks.

What do you like most about Upshift?

One of my favorite things about Upshift is the variety of shifts available. It’s really flexible and easy to manage with other things going on in your life. Since I also own a business, this platform allows me to pick up shifts that will work with my own schedule. You feel in control because you have the power to choose when you work. I like that I don’t feel owned by a company… it really is as simple as picking up gigs. Lastly, I love meeting new people through Upshift. I’ve enjoyed working with the other Upshifters as well as networking with the management at the places I go to work. This platform is a great way to build so many new skills and the level of control provides opportunity for everyone.

Matt D.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I am originally from Northern Kentucky and went to Covington Catholic. After high school I went to study at KU and also played football there. After college I got into the commercial insurance brokerage business but a few years ago moved into Logistics brokering. I am currently in a non-compete period so Upshift has been great for me at this time, I look forward to getting back into logistics brokering soon and continuing to work on Upshift on the weekends! 

How has it been working on Upshift?

It’s been a really positive experience, for example this weekend I knew I had availability and just chose the shifts that worked in my schedule. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and all of the businesses on Upshift seem well organized and they are always friendly and willing to help me if it’s a role I haven’t been in before. I had never banquet served before Upshift and now some of the businesses put me in charge of entire sections during shifts which is cool.

What do you like most about Upshift?

For me it’s the novelty. I love being able to switch up what I am doing. I could be  banquet serving one day, and operating a machine the next. New challenges, new people and new experiences are what I like most about it!

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