We’d like to congratulate Michelle D. on being our Upshifter of the Month for March! Michelle has worked the most shifts this month and consistently received 5 star reviews. We recently sat down with Michelle to ask about her time with Upshift and present her with the Upshifter of the Month gift.

Where did you hear about Upshift and what made you come in to sign up?
Well I’m actually a student at Gateway and saw the flyers posted around school. I was looking for part time or full time work that would fit my class schedule. I figured Upshift was worth checking out.
How have things been going so far?
It’s been great! Upshift allowed me to pick up a shift to hire gig which fit perfectly with my class schedule. I’ve been working at Sur-Seal for about a month and have really enjoyed it so far. I’m not sure i would have found anything like this if it wasn’t for Upshift.
Have you been utilizing the Clock In/Out by text message function? 
I’ve been clocking in and out using both the web app and via text. I normally use the text function when my service is spotty. I really like having two options that are easy to use.
Any other feedback you can offer about Upshift?
I have been recommending Upshift to all my friends and have been giving out your cards. I actually need a few more because I’m down to my last one and I’m not giving that one away!

Like what Michelle is Saying about us?

With Upshift, you can find work across multiple part-time jobs across various industries like hospitality, warehousing and fulfillment, convention centers, casinos and many more.

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