How We Maintain Success Rates over 95%

1. Personality Assessment

Any prospective Upshifter must pass a comprehensive personality assessment in order to be accepted. This assessment tests for work ethic, reliability, responsibility, ability to work with others, and morality.

2. In-Person Interview/Orientation

Everyone who passes the personality assessment is invited to an onboarding session at one of our offices. We have at least one office in every city we operate in.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Upshifters are aware that if they don't do a great job on a shift they could receive a poor review which will impair their ability to get selected for good shifts in the future.

4. Strict Disciplinary Policy

We have a strict, three-strike disciplinary policy for all Upshifters. If they receive three strikes they are banned from Upshift for the rest of their lives.

How Our Pricing Works

Hire interviewed, skills tested, rated & reviewed temporary staff through an easy to use online platform

Pay/Bill Rate

You choose the pay rate and we add on a flat percentage markup to create your bill rate.

No Up-Front or Subscription Costs!

You only pay for Upshift when you bring in an Upshifter through Upshift or hire them. No up-front costs, no exclusivity, and no commitments!

Hiring an Upshifter

You can hire an Upshifter at any time on to your payroll if they agree. If they have worked less than 640 hours you will pay a conversion fee, however, after 640 hours conversions are free!

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