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Upshift Brings Predictability To Staffing

Upshift is a W2 staffing platform helping you find and manage high-quality workers to fill your shifts.

Post a job, instantly access vetted local staff and choose who comes to work.

Hire the Best

Our technology and hiring process attracts fully vetted, trained, and experienced hotel staff.

Each worker profile contains ratings from other local businesses – so you can choose the best person every time.

  • Success Rates over 95.6%
  • Less than 2% No-call, No-show rate
  • Only 12 out of every 100 applicants become Upshifters.

Crystal-clear billing

You choose the pay rate and we add on a flat percentage markup to create your bill rate.

  • No up-front costs
  • No exclusivity
  • No commitments

A platform built to make hiring on-demand easy

Post jobs in minutes and easily manage your workers.

You don’t have to worry about HR or liability- all Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift, not you.

Upshift takes care of hiring, vetting, worker attendance and timekeeping.

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Case Study: Marriott Cincinnati Airport

“We have had great success with Upshift and have found a variety of skilled individuals.”

Bobbi Ward, HR Coordinator, Marriott Cincinnati Airport

Marriott Cincinnati Airport  is one of the largest hotels in Southwest Ohio/Northern Kentucky and is constantly in need of new staff. Particularly for one-time events like banquets and meetings, the Marriott has had trouble meeting its staffing needs.

There is also a constant need for full-time room and laundry attendants. Upshift partnered with Marriott Cincinnati Airport to solve their staffing issues and make it easier to find and retain the talent they need. Download our case study below to learn how our partnership has allowed Upshifters to help Marriott Cincinnati Airport !

Tired of Temp Agencies?Time for Upshift

Most Upshifters are firmly established in the workforce and are looking to find extra work and great businesses to work with. With our proven processes, you can trust your hires!

Upshifter of the Week: Alisa S.

"The flexibility is definitely my favorite part. I can choose when I work and work when I have the time. Upshift has given me the opportunity to work and make money while I am a full-time student with a busy schedule."

Upshifter of the Week: Michael P.

"I like the flexibility of Upshift. Being able to choose when you work and where you work is a huge benefit of Upshift. It allows you to try a placement for a day or two without getting locked in long term, this way you can see if it is a good fit for you... "

Upshifter of the Week: Ezekiel G.

"I like the convenience of Upshift. It is nice being able to pick up shifts and work when I want. I also like that if I travel I can still pick up shifts in other cities and it’s not exclusive to just one location."

You Can Hire Great Staff in 4 Easy Steps

1. Post your job

Describe your job details, and post your shift in minutes. You choose the hourly rate and Upshift will notify the best available local workers.

2. Choose your staff

View profiles, ratings, and past experience and choose your favorite staff.

3. Upshifters arrive

Your chosen candidates confirm their availability giving you the peace of mind.

4. Relax – we handle the HR

All Upshifters are W-2 employees of Upshift meaning we handle everything HR – you just get one simple invoice.

Case Study: Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott New Albany

“”As our needs change, we can change what we need through Upshift, which is great. All of the Upshifters that I have had come in have been great. They are professional from the moment they walk in the door” ”

Taryn Weisheit, General Manager, Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott New Albany

How Upshift Has Helped Fairfield Inn and Suites New Albany Meet Staffing Demands for Housekeeping.

Post-Covid, Fairfield Inn and Suites needed to ramp their housekeeping staff up quickly for the weekends but didn’t need as many staff during the week. General Manager, Taryn Weisheit, had attempted to make hires both through job boards and traditional staffing companies with no luck.

After hearing about Upshift through our partnership with OHLA, Taryn reached out to learn more. Upshift was able to get Taryn on the platform within under a week of her reaching out and within 48 hours she had all three housekeeper roles that she needed filled.

Since then, Taryn has experienced a success rate over 96% with the same individuals choosing to keep returning to work for her in the great environment she has created at Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott. Click on the video case study to learn more!

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