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Almost 50% of Upshift’s business clients found full-time employees with our platform.

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Easily try out workers before you commit

Access new talent pools you wouldn’t find through job boards

Conversion costs are less than 40% of typical agency fees

Upshift Is More Than Just Short-Term Shifts…

We help businesses with all types of hiring needs:

Single-day Shifts

Post single-day shifts to staff events, fill gaps for short-term needs and maintain flexibility in case of last-minute changes.

Multi-day Shifts

If you’re looking to fill multiple days with the same workers, you can post multi-day shifts lasting anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks at a time. A good option for short-term projects and peaks within your business.


Need someone full-time? No problem! Many of the shifts posted on Upshift are what we call Upshift-to-Hire – the Upshifter knows ahead of time that they are applying for a potential full-time position within your company.

Why Hire Full-Time Through Upshift?

Access a wider talent pool than through typical job-boards or temp staffing agencies

Upshift platform has onboarded over 20.000 workers. Our technology allows us to bring to the table a pool of candidates who would never apply on a job board or through a temp agency.

Staffing agencies are fishing from the same small pool of workers who are in immediate need of full-time work.

Because Upshift offers flexible work, we access all tiers of the pyramid.

Our pre-vetted workers often move into full-time positions.

It’s easier for Upshifters to apply for full-time jobs through our platform than go through a traditional interview process (sending a CV and having two interviews just to see the hourly rate…) – that’s why so many of them decide to go full-time.

Easily try out workers before you commit.

Hire workers for short-term shifts and once you have determined that they are a good fit, we make it easy to bring your favorite workers onto your payroll.

Temp to perm conversion costs are less than 40% of typical agency fees.

We’ve simplified the pricing and make it cheaper to move Upshifters full-time.

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