Upshift For Food Service & Events

Upshift is the mobile platform that connects large venues with workers on-demand. From amusement parks and zoos to educational dining, to corporate dining services, to large event and convention centers, Upshift is the best place to find qualified staff when you need them.

Select Your Staff

Pick and choose who's coming to work for you. In addition to a bio, photo and reviews, you have each Upshifter's contact information at the push of a button.

Choose Your Pay Rate

Instead of a set bill rate, you choose what you pay and we add a flat percentage on top, which allows you to stay competitive while attracting the best Upshifters.

Scale Up or Down

With no sign-up costs or usage limits, you can hire Upshifters when you need workers, and stay lean when you don't. Leave liability, tax, and other administrative tasks to us.

Available positions include:

Banquet Servers

Kitchen Staff

Setup or Breakdown Crews

Prep Cooks



Case Study: Service Systems Associates and COSI

How Upshift Has Helped SSA and COSI Meet Staffing Demands for Events

In 2017, Service Systems Associates (SSA) at COSI had a problem. They were utilizing temp agencies when they had large events and were consistently unable to get as many people as they needed, plus many of those sent by agencies were not reliable or high-quality workers. Fast-forward to now, and COSI has all of its shifts consistently filled with Upshifters who have service industry experience and a very different outlook on work than traditional temporary workers. What started as a one-off relationship has now blossomed into a national one, with Upshifters helping SSA in all cities where Upshift is available. 

Just a few of the companies that trust Upshifters

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sodexo hires W2 employees through upshift
compass hires hourly workers through upshift

Tired of temp agencies?Time for Upshift

Most Upshifters are firmly established in the workforce and are looking to find extra work and great businesses to work with. With our proven processes, you can trust your hires!

Fully Vetted

We utilize a two-part screening process so rigorous, only 1 out of every 10 applicants makes it through. Our less than 2% No-Call, No-Show rate is a testament to the quality we provide.

Completely Accountable

We use profile reviews and a strict 3-strike disciplinary policy for our Upshifters. Just one No-Call, No-Show results in an automatic three strikes and a lifelong lockout from Upshift.

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Whether you have urgent or ongoing needs, we connect you with the best available staff–faster and cheaper than our competitors. Tell us a little bit about yourself below and a member of our team will reach out with more information on how Upshift can work for you and your business!

Looking for a full-time hire?

With our Upshift-to-Hire program, we make it easy to bring someone onto your payroll once you have determined that they are a good fit.

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